Submissions for RoguePoetry are CLOSED. We intend to re-open them in Spring 2016. We are only accepting submissions for the open calls listed below. Thank you.

Current Open Calls:


Single Author Poetry Collection


General Submission Guidelines:  We want your writing. You want to give us your writing. Let's keep this simple, shall we?
1. All submissions should be in a single standard word document file (.doc, .docx) and attached to an email sent to

2. Please use "Submission: [publication name]" in the email subject line. (i.e. Submission: Single Author Poetry Collection)
3. Please use a standard, easily readable font at an appropriate size.
4. We do accept simultaneous submissions, but we do ask that you inform us of that fact and notify us if you choose to go with the other publisher.
5. You may submit to multiple Open Calls, concurrently. However, please do not submit the same piece to more than one Open Call at a time.
6. You may not submit to the same Open Call more than once, unless we ask you to.
7. A poem without a title is not a completed piece. You wouldn't submit an untitled short story, would you? And we will not read an untitled poem.
8. We would appreciate it if you left out your publication credits in your submission email. When we accept your work for publication, we will ask for your bio.

9. Please read and follow all the Publication Specific Guidelines for the Open Call you are submitting to.

Publication Specific Submission Guidelines:


Single Author Poetry Collections

1. We will consider submissions of single author collections of no less than 55 pieces (we are not opposed to a flash/short story mixed in here or there).

2. Submitted collection must hold to a theme or overarching story.

3. The collection may contain previously published works, provided that they are properly credited. We require that the total amount of previously published works, and those that have appeared on a blog or other open forum,  make up no more than 25% of the collection.

4. Authors wishing to publish with us must be willing to go through the editing process. There is a 0% chance that we will publish your collection “as is”, but there is a 100% chance that we will work together to publish the best writing you have done to date.

5. Compensation: Two contributor copies and 25% share of royalties over the first 300 copies sold, with increasing share thereafter.

6. We are open to all styles and voices.

7. Please wait 90 days before inquiring about your submission.

8. For answers to any questions, please use the form on the Contact Page.


Got a few poems or stories kicking around?
While PunksWritePoemsPress is looking for longer works, perhaps aLiteration Magazine would be a good place to send them.


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Two Cups of Tomatoes

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Lover of Christmas!

The call for submissions for Melee and Don't open Till Doomsday are now closed. Thank you to all who submitted!

The call for submissions for RoguePoetry is now closed. Thank you to everyone for the chance to read your words.

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