World Class Drag by Elizabeth Carter, availabe NOW!

World Class Drag is a collection of poetry and photography that focuses its attention on some of the darker aspects of humanity’s shortcomings, but it does not wallow, instead leaving the reader with a sense of hope and a desire to affect change. The musical companion pieces are reminiscent of traditional singer/songwriter protest songs but with a potent mix of despair and hope.

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Dinner Table Refuge by Benjamin Schmitt, available now

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"From surreal to sublime, from personal to profane, Benjamin Schmitt’s poetry takes the reader on a journey through a thousand landscapes of the mind and the body. Chanted in a thousand tongues, this is youthful, exuberant poetry laced with threads of wisdom wound up with gritty observations of an oil-soaked world gone mad." - Jack Remick, Poet and Novelist

Two Cups of Tomatoes Janelle Rainer, available now

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"These poems are full of grit and spit. I admire their clean language and well-made lines and the honesty of this fresh new voice, unabashedly brash and brave, unabashedly female. Janelle Rainer doesn’t hold back. This is a fun book to read." - Joseph Millar, Poet

Don't Mind the Skeleton. He Is just Waiting for a Hug.

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Available NOW!!!

Dinner Table Refuge

Available NOW!!!

Two Cups of Tomatoes

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